Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Review for Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vape

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I was on a mission to find the best coarse finish grinder for my Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vaporizer, specifically for filling my dosing caps. I wanted a grinder that produced very little fine grind material that would go through the list of the capsule and onto my cooling unit screen. With this grinder I can go 8 caps before having to use the brush. And I mean 8 caps squeaky clean screen!!

Nick Freyermuth says:

Santa Cruz grinder is probably the best you can get they are guaranteed for life. I have the large model and needed the black plastic seal. called them and they sent one out fast & free. Clean in rubbing alcohol. Thanks

Reaper Of Innocence says:

what size shredder is this?

Dama BJJ FLoraMax says:

do you reckon the mighty and the volcano plenty are good alternative to smoke ?

Mr Budh says:

How many sessions with 1 dosing capsule??

duffinjp says:

How many dosing capsules do you get on one charge. I only get 3-4 at about 40mins. Seems low to me.

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