Storz & Bickel Crafty + Quick Start User Guide

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George drops in and gives you a rundown of all the basics you need to know to get started with your crafty + Vaporiser

Nate Dog says:

The thumbnail looks like it was taken from peep show.

Valentin Joliot says:

Nice review Georges as always! one you vape professional reviewer need to do a video about the grandpa Verdamper it need to shine again. Cheers 🙂

Bland Steve says:

Just love that spiral.

Runaway Rob says:

Brilliant vape but doesn’t work on Apple products

Slovenia Is Good Country says:

I wasn’t expecting to see a Vaush video in the user guides playlist, but I think it fits there nicely

Kyle V says:

Sup big George, love the vid always good stuff. Hey dig that shirt too, sup w Dee havent seen her for awhile? Hope you guys are both well, look forward forward to the next vid! 😊 🔥

Nick May says:

Another great video from the Vapefiend do you know are theay going to put out a mighty+ hopefully it's in the pipe line.

turnipherder says:

Looks Great!

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