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This is my video review for the new MIGHTY portable vaporizer from the same company that made that silver volcano thing also known as the volcano. The company did not pay me to make this video. I paid my hard earned money for their Volcano and now for this Mighty. The volcano has lasted me TEN whole years and still works exactly the same. It’s covered in stickers like a skateboard. The Mighty I hope to use for a decade. This is a great company. SMOKE CABBAGES ALL DAY

Zeenitall says:

h says:

came to get an actual review, this was gold. thank you

yungvapeboi ビッキー says:

I'm gonna smoke peanut butter outta my mighty vaporizer

Ross Tuach says:

Brilliant! hahaha what an awesome video. You rock!

GeeMayn says:

hmm maybe ill get a mighty now

IAMJUDAS420 says:

thats hilarious man.

LAKERS4LIFE247 says:

Awesome review!! Love it

Russell White says:

I want to get a few beers with this guy

Low Hiss says:

this guy's a legend

Stephanie Smith says:

this should get more views than other shitty reviews. trust me.

East Coast Spotlight says:

Genius . Just Genius!!

William dabill says:

make more product reviews like this

William dabill says:

more like this?

David Loon says:

really nice video my friend really enjoyed watching u enjoy the vaporizer

Sasquatch Legend says:

funny bugger I use snapper lol

nick12586 says:

bad review. why did your choice change? decide you didn't like the first one?

Denessa Kuykendall says:

did this fool put cabage in his mighty? I'm dead ?

Miguel Hebert says:

Peanut butter or a tuna fish ?????

To the Cloud Vapor Store says:

Love this review Joe, Would love it if you were to do some other ones.

Jared Young says:

Best Mighty review ever.

SsgtHolland says:

Don't smoke and drive, buddy…you're windshield seems to prove it…

Sidewayyys says:

very nice love kiss

Brennan Brister says:

Does anyone know anything about the fake mightys?  I found some coming from China for $120 a piece.  If these are directly from the manufacturer then……  Not trying to cheat Storz-Bickel, but I just dont have $400….

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