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Buying options: Budders – budderscannabis.ca/products/arizer-v-tower-for-sale?aff=10 (use code: BUD10 for 10% off) $119.99 RIGHT NOW regular $155.99 CHEAPEST OPTION!! Vaped – CANADIAN — bit.ly/2UyxLeM C $124.99 regular $149.99 (comes with free grinder) US — bit.ly/2B249Q2 US [More]
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Arizer Extreme Q: troyandjerry.com/go/potv-arizer-extreme-q/ DDaveMods: www.ddavemods.com/ Volcano Classic: troyandjerry.com/go/volcano-classic-potv/ Volcano Hybrid: troyandjerry.com/go/volcano-hybrid-potv/ S&B Plenty: troyandjerry.com/go/potv-plenty/ Ditanium: troyandjerry.com/go/potv-ditanium/
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