Nika demonstrates the vapor production of the new Ascent Vaporizer from DaVinci. Check out the only portable glass on glass vaporizer! – In this video, we have compiled most of the Ascent and Davinci vaporizer users of 2014. We have discovered that every Ascent or Davinci can fit to any lifestyle or personality. May it [More] The Ascent by DaVinci is the world’s first customizable portable vaporizer. Design your vape and define your style with this portable vaporizer. Vaporize your favorite dry blends and oils comfortably and discreetly with the [More]
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Ascent by DaVinci ( is the very first glass-on-glass portable vaporizer. Its vapor pathway is constructed entirely of glass. From the glass-lined ceramic heating chamber to the mouthpiece, all you’ll find is glass in the [More]
The Da Vinci Ascent is a very sleek portable vaporizer with plenty of great features. First off the Ascent has an all glass vapor path and a ceramic oven that utilizes a conduction/convection hybrid heating [More]
Here I review the DaVinci Ascent dry herb vaporizer and talk about how to use the temperature controlled cycles to get the full effect out of the vape.
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Offerta: Il DaVinci Ascent Black Stealth utilizza per la prima volta un sistema di vaporizzazione in “vetro puro” ovvero il percorso di passaggio della vaporizzazione è interamente in vetro.
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