Discovered this by accident. This is going to save so much time! The DataVac duster heats up quite a bit so the super hot high pressure air does a pretty thorough job of cleaning out [More]
In this episode of JOINT SESSIONS, A-Y reviews the volcano vape by storz and Bickel while having a lil smoke session on the side . This video is mainly for stoners and smokers in general [More]
Captain Greentoker unboxes and fills 40 dosing capsules for his Storz and Bickel Mighty Vaporizer 40 capsule filling set: Volcano Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules Music by Bjorn Majestik :
Captain Greentoker Unboxes The Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel Purchased at: Deal found at: Gold mighty stand: Stortz and Bickel Dosing capsules filling set: Bjorn Majestik: Tictok: bjornmajestik420 [More]
I wanted to share 2 boxes I found that fit the mighty nicely for transport. They use a rubberized liner that can be removed and cleaned. One is a bit smaller and more portable and [More]
In the latest episode we are going to see an unboxing & testing review for the Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus Vaporizer. I am a medical user so I am also using my medical cannabis [More]
Found a perfect camera bag for the Crafty+ vaporizer, a round of caps, a brush and if needed even an extra cooling unit. Toss everything into a ToghtVac and its a hard case with soft [More]
20 years ago the foundation for the world’s most famous vaporizer was laid.. Watch the full documentary here:
20 years ago the foundation for the world’s most famous vaporizer was laid. Watch the founders tell the story of how the VOLCANO was invented, which obstacles had to be overcome and how Markus Storz [More]
This is a How To video showcases the different parts and functionalities of the Mighty vaporizer. We hope you Enjoy. Make sure to comment & subscribe! is the premier Vaporizer Health Network with the [More]