Voici une vidรฉo d’un comparatif du Firefly 2 et du Crafty de Storz and Bickel. Ces 2 vaporisateurs sont parmi les meilleurs de leur catรฉgorie et aprรจs le comparatif du Mighty et du Firefly 2, [More]
In the latest episode we are going to see an unboxing & testing review for the Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus Vaporizer. I am a medical user so I am also using my medical cannabis [More]
Found a perfect camera bag for the Crafty+ vaporizer, a round of caps, a brush and if needed even an extra cooling unit. Toss everything into a ToghtVac and its a hard case with soft [More]
I received a brand new Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel today! Super stoked as my unit with about 120hours on it started having issues charging and powering up. Great customer service, fairly fast turnaround given [More]
Voici un comparatif des 3 meilleurs vaporisateurs de poche du moment : le Firefly 2+, le Crafty+ et lโ€™IQ2. Leur test vidรฉo : – Firefly 2+ : https://youtu.be/tbpHJeFdfDA https://youtu.be/Iwm9RWrK66M – Crafty+ : https://youtu.be/mM1QSiFd7xI – Davinci [More]
I was on a mission to find the best coarse finish grinder for my Storz & Bickel Crafty+ vaporizer, specifically for filling my dosing caps. I wanted a grinder that produced very little fine grind [More]
Well here we have it, a nrand new Crafty+ and a 2 week old Mighty going head to head. I was extremely surprised with how well they performed! Check the video for the details!
I’ve been using my Crafty+ daily since I received it in early April 2020 and at about 100hrs of use I started having issues with charging where the red and blue lights would flash. This [More]
I wanted a waterproof smellproof box for my Crafty+ vaporizer and some accessories. I also had a desire to charge while in the box. I came across the perfect solution on Amazon! Links to the [More]
George drops in and gives you a rundown of all the basics you need to know to get started with your crafty + Vaporiser