After my unboxing video I let the Crafty+ charge up to full, added it to my phone via the app, registered that warranty, and got down to the first session! I started out at 356F [More]
Long video long overdue. I recorded this video a while ago maybe over a month ago…camera fell halfway so it was just a pain to stitch together 2 clips on my phone. Anyway the Plenty [More]
Super excited to have finally got this in the mail. Just doing a quick overview of the Dynavap M. Music:
Senior Stoner Reviews Kandypens Crystal Vape
Davinci sent me the new IQ2 to review. I haven’t had much time with it yet, but here’s a quick video with an overview and some comparisons. So far I like it, it rocks all [More]
Concentrate vapes have met their match with the X Vape Vista full-portable eRig/eNail! The vape comes equipped with an aqua bubbler and 14/18mm water pipe adapter for ultimate functionality! Check out the review here: [More]
Available at Puffitup for $199 with code PLENTYGREEN The Crafty+ from Storz and Bickel is out now! It’s the latest update to their dry herb vape lineup. The Crafty+ has significant performance improvements and some nice design changes. Crafty+ Vape Available at [More]
Mat Lee takes a first look at the Firefly 2 for this new episode of the Hot Box live sesh. The full review will be up on Stuff Stoners Like once it’s finished. Be sure [More]