My Crafty+ was having issues so I decided to buy a Mighty while I get the Crafty+ warrantied. Having the 2 vapes will be nice in case one has issues or battery runs low. The [More]
Damn this thing heats up fast and packs a good punch! I ripped through the session a bit fast but thats how it goes! So stoked on this vape! I personally think this is the [More]
This is a Yocan X Unboxing & a small Yocan X Review. In this video we dive into what’s included with the Yocan X Kit. If you want to see the offspring of a Pod [More]
*If you are under the age of 18 please refrain from viewing this video* My room now smells like a wax museum. Cheers all! This is the second stream from the same day, both saying similar things, but me keeping both. And the original description said: “Here’s some thoughts from my first day using the KandyPens Crystal Atomiser”
After my unboxing video I let the Crafty+ charge up to full, added it to my phone via the app, registered that warranty, and got down to the first session! I started out at 356F [More]
Long video long overdue. I recorded this video a while ago maybe over a month ago…camera fell halfway so it was just a pain to stitch together 2 clips on my phone. Anyway the Plenty [More]
Super excited to have finally got this in the mail. Just doing a quick overview of the Dynavap M. Music: