This video is a reupload of the very first video I ever made. Support me on Patreon: I will show you how to make THC E-Juice for filling THC Vape Carts using just terpenes. [More]
This product is intended for adults only 21 and over This is a legal cbd hemp flower due to the 2018 farm bill You can get this product here ?
ELEV8 Presents is for 18+ users and is in compliance with Colorado state laws. Today in the studio, Alex sits down with BJ from 7th Floor Vaporizers to discuss the Flavor Disc pipe.
#Airvapesxgo #thecalmleaf #dryherbvaporizer This product is intended for adults only You can use my discount code For a discount ➡️ smokedoctor From. ? This and all vaporizers are 15% off using Vape15 – Learn how to easily switch your MIQRO vaporizer’s temperature settings from F° to C° and vice-versa. To switch your DAVINCI MIQRO from Fahrenheit to Celsius, first power on your device. At any time, [More]
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TOPIC: This is a review of the AirVape XS from High Grade Hardware. This is my new favorite herbal vaporizer. The airflow on it is top notch which creates an amazing hit every time. High [More]
Stash Shack invited Carmelo from Gomba Jahbari to test out the revolutionary Ghost MV1 Vaporizer. Carmelo found the MV1 to be incredibly attractive to look at but also very practical and efficient. The features that [More]
The maker of the Tubo Evic and TetraX brings us another vaping treasure, the PIRO! This simple herb vape is powered by a butane torch and produces oodles of delicious vapor! PIRO: Brilliant Cut [More]
Roypack Pax 2-3 odor proof case made of high grade aluminum alloy. Snug fit all around even upside down. 4”x 1 3/4” Please visit or Amazon for their products