Want to stop smoking? Take our word for it, the feather can help. www.smokecartel.com/products/kandy-pens-feather-compact-vaporizer The Feather is a tiny and stylish vape KandyPens made for use with nicotine salts e-juice. The housing has a soft [More]
Please READ: You can check out the Suorin Drop Here: bit.ly/2DsBJMv You can check out the Feather by Kandypens here : bit.ly/2hKMaAH (For 25% off use code HYPHY25) In this video, I compare two of [More]
A short review/tutorial about the Galaxy concentrate pen from KandyPens.
TVape shows how to use the Atmos Vicod 5G and see if you can get more than plastic heat from this portable dry herb vaporizer. Read on to learn more! To jump to a specific [More]
Senior Stoner gives extended review
Just a quick unboxing and walkthrough of the Donuts and Galaxy wax pens from KandyPens. These pens are discreet and come with lifetime warranties on the batteries.
Are you looking for the utmost discretion in a wax pen? Look no further than the excellent Executive by KandyPens. This truly lives up to the pen moniker, and while looking a bit gimmicky, it [More]
bit.ly/KandyPensCrystal This is the second stream from the same day, both saying similar things, but me keeping both. And the original description said: “Here’s some thoughts from my first day using the KandyPens Crystal Atomiser”