Discovered this by accident. This is going to save so much time! The DataVac duster heats up quite a bit so the super hot high pressure air does a pretty thorough job of cleaning out [More]
Today we’re reviewing the Mighty which is a beast of a portable vaporizer đź›’ here: Canada 🇨🇦: USA 🇺🇸: Australia 🇦🇺: The Mighty was originally launched as a portable Volcano vaporizer, made [More]
Captain Greentoker Unboxes The Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel Purchased at: Deal found at: Gold mighty stand: Stortz and Bickel Dosing capsules filling set: Bjorn Majestik: Tictok: bjornmajestik420 [More]
I wanted to share 2 boxes I found that fit the mighty nicely for transport. They use a rubberized liner that can be removed and cleaned. One is a bit smaller and more portable and [More]
This is a How To video showcases the different parts and functionalities of the Mighty vaporizer. We hope you Enjoy. Make sure to comment & subscribe! is the premier Vaporizer Health Network with the [More]
Bedienung eines mobilen medizinischen Vaporizers / Vaporisators / Verdampfers zur Inhalation von beispielsweise Cannabisblüten, -tropfen und anderen Kräutern. Der Mighty Medic ist ein zugelassenes, oft verschreibungsfähiges medizinisches Hilfsmittel (PZN: 15634236). Audio und Video von Nils [More]
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Well here we have it, a nrand new Crafty+ and a 2 week old Mighty going head to head. I was extremely surprised with how well they performed! Check the video for the details!
Dans cette vidĂ©o je vous prĂ©sente mon dernier vaporisateur : Le cĂ©lèbre vaporisateur portable MIGTHY de STORZ & BICKEL (version 2019). Pas de Unboxing cette fois ci, cela fait presque un mois que je l’utilise, [More]