Whats up guys?! Sorry for the delay, I bought the Crafty + (Plus) Back in November when they first released. I never had the original Crafty or any Storz and Bickel product at that point, [More]
Storz & Bickel are known for their continued innovation and attention to their customer’s requests. The powerful and portable Crafty dry herb vaporizer has an improved battery life and allows for more control over its [More]
Firefly 2+ (Plus) это улучшенная версия и без того великолепного вапорайзера Firefly 2+. Что изменилось: – Первое, что бросается в глаза это абсолютно новый логотип, который выделен в отдельном окне и загорается, когда вапорайзер работает. [More]
We get asked a lot about how to get the best performance out of the Firefly 2 + So we thought we would compile everything we know about getting a massive cloud out of this [More]
My Newest Dab Pen from Puffco, sweet! Puffco describes it best here “PUFFCO PLUS PORTABLE OIL VAPORIZER $ 89.99 The most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen ever, now even more improved. The Plus mouthpiece [More]
TVape shows you a tutorial review of the Crafty Plus and Alex tries vainly to make you laugh. Buy the Crafty Plus Here: tvape.com/crafty-plus-vaporizer.html To learn more about this particular vaporizer, check out the TVape [More]
We are going to compare two great devices. Both by Storz and Bickel. The Mighty and the Crafty Plus. Available on our website www.budderscannabis.com www.budderscannabis.ca In store in Toronto on Dundas in the junction These [More]
Puffco Plus v2 Gary is a die-hard puffco user. He explains why on this episode! We’re an exclusive retailer for the fantastic Puffco Peak. When you order your Puffco vaporizer pen or portable dab rig [More]