Vediamo assieme cosa c’è nella versione completa del PAX 3,uno dei migliori vaporizzatori al mondo !! Portatile,compatto BELLISSIMO !!! IN 15 SECONDI SI SCALDA 10 ANNI DI GARANZIA Potete comprarlo contattando l’Asso dei Fiori Varese [More]
Another dag another vape! This time a desktop vape from Storz & Bickel to compliment my Crafty+!
In questa recensione vi parliamo del vaporizzatore Arizero Solo 2. Un vaporizzatore eccezionale, realizzato con qualità e finiture di altissimo livello. Impiega una tecnologia ibrida che combina conduzione e convezione. Il vapore che produce è [More]
Pax 2 vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers available on the market. To be honest, this is my best 2016 investment regarding the smoking field. The main reason buying Pax 2 was to give [More]
Meet the Miqro the newest herbal vaporizer from Davinci. In this video, I’m going to be unboxing the “Explorer Edition”. I’ll also be doing a quick review and we will be having a session so [More]
HYDRO HIGH VIEWS EP.2 – PAX 2 Unboxing and Review FYI: Just realized I did not flip over the overhead camera footage LOL, whoops. Won’t happen again. First time using an overhead and forgot LMAO [More]
So in this episode we are going to see what you get when you purchase the Mighty Vaporizer. This is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer and perfect for medical users. Please see a few links [More]
Unboxing y Review del Vaporizador Arizer Solo 2, Un vaporizador increíble pero de gran tamaño. – 👍 Leer Review completo: – 👍 Ir a la Tienda tienda: Hemos pasado un tiempo probando el [More] KOMODO C5 400MAH BATTERY – CONCENTRATE OIL CARTRIDGE & WAX VAPORIZER Komodo C5 is a compact box mod battery that utilizes concentrate oil cartridges or mini atomizers. It features preheat function, variable voltage, and [More]
Today we take a quick look at the Davinci IQ, a good choice for someone who desires pure and clean vapour. You can shop the UK Davinci IQ here: And see our entire collection [More]