Want to stop smoking? Take our word for it, the feather can help. www.smokecartel.com/products/kandy-pens-feather-compact-vaporizer The Feather is a tiny and stylish vape KandyPens made for use with nicotine salts e-juice. The housing has a soft [More]
Beegreen91 reviews the Saber Vape Pen Starter Kit , one of the best vaporizers for wax and shatter of 2018. This THC/CBD Vape pen is meant for extracts, concentrates and oils. This means you can [More]
Respecting the first anniversary of cannabis legalization in Canada, Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) announced Wednesday its plans to roll out cannabis products that will be authorized for sale in December. Read more: bit.ly/2MuoNeU
How to refill your empty vape cartridge using THC Concentrate in syringe.
Dab Magic™ quickly transforms your favorite concentrates into a versatile liquid that is perfect for vaping, cooking, and as a tincture. It’s simple to use and ready to go in under a minute. FILL YOUR [More]
Veja esse vídeo antes de decidir comprar o Pax 3. Posso estar equivocado e vou fazer uma análise mais profunda do vaporizador de ervas Pax 3 depois de ler sobre todos os modos dele e [More]
What’s up guys! Got another video here for you. Tell me how you like it! These are legit. Heres the names of these guys just incase you run into them. KINGS KUSH, STRAWBERRY NORTHERN LIGHTS, [More]
This is one awesome product! First of all, it has a bubbler function which gives a normal standard vape cartridge battery a HUGE upgrade! Secondly, this battery comes with a ceramic coil for wax and [More]
Vaping is a fantastic way to quit smoking and lessen your chances of harm in the future (at least to our current knowledge), so here’s a way to cut costs and get exactly what you [More]
New addition to the Highbrid tank. Each kit will come with an Ultra High Quality Plastic body so you can take your favorite tank on the go and not worry about breaking it. This addition [More]