The Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen Kit by Wulf Mods combines power and discretion in perfect harmony. Ergonomically designed, this vape pen is perfect for on the go fitting comfortably in the hand or pocket. [More]
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ZÁKAZ OSOBÁM MLADŠÍM 18 LET AirVape XS GO je miniaturní, levný a jednoduchý kapesní vaporizér od zkušeného výrobce. Vaporizér je tak malý že ho krásně schováte do dlaně a je tím pádem zaručena maximální diskrétnost. [More]
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This video is for viewers 18 and over only. This product should only be used for medicinal purposes. We ShlumpN’ Sloth comply with CA. Prop 64. Like and Subscribe! Let us know what to try [More]
Hi guys! Today I was doing an unboxing Apollo’s newest model, the AirVape X First thougths: It is really nice, love this magnetic mouthpiece, discreet and even smoother design than the Xs. A bit of [More] #airvaping #bestvaporizer #pocketfit #bestportablevape #vaping The most innovative oil/concentrate vaporizer The AirVape OM enjoyed such popularity that we thought it well deserved an upgrade and a fresh new look. The New AirVape [More]
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TURN CAPTIONS ON!! So I wanted to make this video showing a full session from start to finish and how long it takes to go through 0.05 grams of material at 410f. using a Go [More]