In episode 2 of the Modern Cannabists podcast we discuss the vape cart situation and contemplate the future of cannabis vaporizers and dry herb vaping.
FULL LIST With WRITEUP: Ditanium – Volcano Classic – Life Saber – no SSV43 / – Volcano Hybrid (code S&B15) – Plenty – Vapexhale Cloud Evo – Arizer [More]
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I’m toying around with my camera and enjoying the Arizer Air at the same time. Check out that cloud production. Subscribe for more. Vaporizer: Arizer Air Buy: Disagree with something? Agree with everything? Have [More]
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Unboxing & Testing my new weed vape (pax 2)! Now that I have this little guy its much easier to make cannabis related videos! If you have any suggestions for future videos let me know!!! [More]
Slap Like & Comment Homie!?? (18+) In This One Its The Pax 3 Unboxing! A Top Tier Cannabis Vaporiser, Well (I Guess We Will See About That After Some Serious Elevating) FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL [More]