This is a medical marijuana Vape cartridge review of Tryke concentrates

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This is the medical marijuana cartridge review of tryke concentrates 500mg cartridge the flavor is headband

LJ S says:

I'm getting high just watching him take those hits! ???

42milestoearth says:

im driving from fl to cali in a few weeks and plan on making a few stops in different states to smoke some and go camping and shit. do i have to buy the battery for them pens or is that included.?
i have never purchased a vape weed pen so idk. do i just buy it before heading out or what do you recommend.?
what battery is the one they use.? @imblowd

MrKnockout66 says:

whats the best pen to use with these carts. i tried the one i had and im only getting a little bit out and it keeps blinking after a three second pull even though when i use the cbd cart it goes for like 10 seconds.

Mr. Speciosa says:

When you take a long pull it gets too hot and burns it so it will smell and you can taste it

Mike Roberts says:

I’m in NY anybody know a website to order Tryke’s vape battery pens? Need one asap

One Hundred says:

That has happened to me at the bottom but not with the tryke carts. Maybe its because the flavoring or because youre burning it too much. Im not sure.

hector torres says:

Yo,what's shaking broth a just medicating I've been peeping your videos for a minute ever since you and Dank vape used to make some videos I pay attention to him too I'm finna start by the making my own videos on these cartridges but anyways I tried the trike cartridge King Louie and it's strictly garbage is strictly one nugs no comparison to a five and that's Timeless time this is 5 for me by far kind live resin organic garbage I like a fool distillate cartridge for the bang for your buck you feel me we can always get medicated Holla.. PS My Brother anytime you get a time to vape another cartridge go with pure Earth they don't really have too many strands but it's really really delicious it's a barrel and it's not vg it's a no PG the real deal.. just like time is but a little cheaper you know these cartridges ain't cheap put it in your pocket brother feel me holla peace One Love. Stay medicated

benjamin young says:

Tryke cartriges are the worst quality carts i belive, they dont have high thc content in them compared to timeless

jjmf1222 15 says:

Medicated AF Lol

Marinda Pritchard says:

You are freakin lucky! Wish my State would go Legal! Traveling 3 day’s don’t happen anymore:-( My best friend moved so there went the sending me yummy

PresidentGas1 says:

LOl … take smaller hit dude. Your exhale has enough THC in it to get a car full of people high. Not to mention you'll get way more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that 30% of the THC you inhale is lost to the exhale. That is a proven fact.

Keith Mikell says:

Should get a refund for that cart. Its burning! Thats char coming from the coil. NO good!

Michael Vega says:

Have you tried Cali Clear Kings vape Cartridge yet?

Linda Fernandez says:

Good hit lol

HasoTV says:

Im 12 and i want to smoke but mom wont let me smoke, so i still smoke when i get to friend. Weed is good if vaped.

Jay Miller says:

I don't know if they sell them where you're at but look for Indigo Pro cartridges fire CO2

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