Utillian 421 review & how-to: 2020's best cheap dry herb vape? – 4K

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A full Utillian 421 review and guide, we go over this cheap little vape as it sits in contention for best budget dry herb vape in 2020! SHOW MORE FOR TIMESTAMPS TO SKIP AHEAD IN THE VIDEO!

SEE BELOW for links to vapes discussed in this video.

The Utillian 421 is an excellent hard hitting budget dry herb vape and one of the better picks out there. It has a fairly large bowl, hits hard, and destroys a bubbler. Links below for more comparisons and such!

Drop a comment down below if you want any more herb vape reviews! We’re glad to help out 🙂

Introduction : 0:00
What’s in the box: 0:33
How to use the Utillian 421: 1:07
Low temp hits: 1:50
Mid temp hits 2:40
Adjustable airflow: 3:12
Battery life: 3:35
Utillian 421 + bong: 4:32
Build quality: 7:28
AVB inspection: 8:05
Cleaning the Utillian 421 vape: 8:20
Closing notes: 9:10

Utillian 421 vape:
To buy: bit.ly/37h0VX3
Review: bit.ly/3lXjALF

DaVinci IQ2:
To buy: bit.ly/34605dR
Review: bit.ly/3o5odoL

To buy: bit.ly/2YPJF6I
Review: bit.ly/3eUcCEi

Thanks for watching the Utillian 421 review – we’ll be doing a comparison of the Utillian 421 vs G Pen Dash in a hot minute so stay tight for that! Any questions, just drop em down below!

Tools420 says:

Many thanks for watching the Utillian 421 review! If you've got any questions, please just drop em down below, we're glad to help out!

Greg says:

What water pieces will work with it. Will the Utilian 5 bubbler work?

Nicole Pisa says:

just got this for a starter, thanks for your tips! Learning that I should kill the whole bowl and not let it last 2-3 sessions cause it’ll just taste a little more burnt each time. Still, such a solid product! Need to work on getting the biggest rips lol.

6sinto6music6 says:

I bought one few weeks ago and I think it's really nice vaporiser

DomingoThe1 says:

It's amazing how many people trash this vaporizer, meanwhile it's probably my favourite, even over my Mighty. Only complaint is the battery, I wish it lasted at least twice as long between charges.

Samuraibadass 420 says:

nice review as always love it keep it up man
say dynavap fat mouthpiece 10times me high as f* 3times was out xd

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