Utillian 722 vs Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer Comparison Review

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TVape pits two great vaporizers against each other to end your 2019 right. This is the Utillian 722 vs Arizer Air 2 vaporizer comparison review in a feud for all the glory.

If you wanna pick up the Air 2: tvape.com/arizer-air-2.html

If you wanna pick up the 722: tvape.com/utillian-722.html

Both units are great portable vaporizers and you can’t really make a poor choice here.

To learn more about this particular comparison, check out the TVape blog post here:

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themondoshow says:

Since sneaky PETE is dead you must be our new prince

vision 103 says:

I absolutely appreciate all reviews for sure. I have to say I think you're way behind on the tech. All these vapes have been out for a very long time. Have a great new year. Catch up you'll get more views.. ??

Joey G Gonzalez says:

But the flavor quality?? Example does Arizer and 722 flavor taste until the end of the section on both ? Better quality vapor? I am asking I just got the The one vapor from Planet if vapes and I am very disappointed I wanted a good flavor vape and after the second draw is no a flavor pleasant and I see reviews like if the One was really a good enjoyable vape witch It reality I play with yo see if I get in love with it and I even stop using it because to me is a herb wasted

Ouroboros says:

Hey man I have a solo 2 and a pax 3, but I'm boring and just have the base models, any tips for a noob on how to mod? …water pipes etc. Cheers and happy new year

Joonyer Almost says:

Can you do a Puff co Plus vs Linx Blaze?

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