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This video will show you how I use a vape pen for marijuana wax, shatter, butter, & oil dabs. Vaping is a much better way of replacing smoking because it reduces 90% of carcinogens from the flowered herbs. Marijuana has many benefits and you can enhance those benefits by vaping instead of combusting with high heat. I absolutely love this vape pen it’s great for on the go travel, discreteness, and saves you so much more money on your medical marijuana. Hope you all enjoyed, if you did please comment, like & SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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Kanger protank mini 3:

charmanater says:

that looks like a meth pipe fucking scary

Jason Willis says:

Oh my God I can't believe she just compared the size of her concentrate to a flea egg who the f*** has flea eggs or even knows what a flea egg looks like unless they have fleas take your flea ridden but off of YouTube and get some shampoo or something that's disgusting

-Yong Tay- says:

Look like she smokin crack

John Peter says:

Can u use a basic what510 threaded vape pen

got milk says:

Does it work for resin?

Ronald Reames says:

Her nails are like that from handling weed numb nuts ! Damn are u high are just born that way…lol

but why says:

Cut your nails you hick

Kronickillness Nikolaos says:

These gas station. Wanna be head shops are so cringe scum bag cuz it's sooo fkn obvious THAT the shit ALL comes together in 1 package for liek 15$ or 20$ n then they break it ALL down evem to the fuckin charger ffs then try to resell it for fuckin 20$ EA attachment !

Also how can u give it a 5star rating which = a perfect score! When u had some cons with it?! Sorry just using logic. Lol but this is nothing new now lol old vape n had many copy cats I got an e gote battery for 20 from a gas station but I traded an empty cart or 4 for it kin a free lol.

Kenny Peacock says:

Fucking junk

Kelly Mastros says:

Thx for the video! Have my MMJ card and wondered how to do this!

Wayne Houston says:

Where do i put the dab at on a Vision Spinner 2?

SirCarolous says:

This was really helpful for me. Thank you.

PS4MerchLeader says:

Your nails are disgusting

James Lee says:

Hey new sub,diggin your content.keep up the good work.

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