Volcano Vape Office Tour – WHY WAS THE PHONE WET?

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I visited Germany in December 2013 and had a chance to visit the offices of Storz & Bickel. There weren’t too many people working since I visited later in the day on a Friday, but I got a nice tour around the office including where they assemble and test the Volcano, and Plenty.

I’m very grateful to Storz & Bickel for giving me this tour. The drive down was beautiful. And rainy on the way back.

I didn’t get the chance to meet the head honchos, Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel. My tour guide Michael told me that leaving early on a Friday is “one of the perks of being the boss”.

Also, there was an incident with the phone…

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Michael Christian says:

This is an awesome view into the relatively unknown world where this terrific device is manufactured. Major thanks to you for taking us inside the Volcano plant!

Wavy Vaporizers says:

@vapor review blog I was just in your live stream but it just stopped working and I couldn't continue watching I'm not sure why. BTW how the hell do u live stream on youtube??

Wavy Vaporizers says:

dope review from my knowledge this is the first of its kind great job

MortallicA91 says:

I love when he says stuff, smiles and takes a hit ^.^ he looks happy at least for the moment. I guess it looks kawai too.

Donn Patton says:

So glad you are posting vids more often. Love your dry sense of humor. On a side note, I have never been, but for United Statians, I hear that in Europe sinks are easily mistaken for toilets. Or vice versa. Bathroom plumbing is not a completely universal schematic. But I also imagine Germany's design is very efficient.

Payton Penn says:

Learned the HerbalAire HO pump and Zephyr Ion pump are also the same as the Volcano. Was always curious. Good video.

Daniel says:

Awesome video, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Soil_biota.guru permaWarrior says:

that's cool as fudge!!!

LAC32Griffin says:

off of my volcano digital! 😆

LAC32Griffin says:

I'm lit up while watching this 😁

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