YOCAN HIT Dry Vaporizer Review + Smoke Session & Tutorial

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I love this thing! check it out here

Yocan Hit Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer

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Mythical Truthz says:

Weed is lawful everywhere. It's illegal in most states. Depends on what hat you are wearing. Are you the living man or woman? Or are you acting as the ALL CAPS NAME on the license you have in your pocket

Carlos Fillion says:

How did you grind the flower bro? Fine or nah?

Joshua Edwards says:

500 giveaway?? Get me one of those👉🏾

Phillip Robertson says:

Looking it up now.

Tim Bailey says:

You can get some clear vinyl tube from the hardware storean added to the mouthpiece so you don't have to burn your lips. I noticed that the mouthpiece heats up pretty bad. I used clear vinyl tube 3/8 inner diameter 1/2 outer. I just cut about a 4 inch piece and it works fine. Also you can hit this thing out of a bong

Potoo Burd says:

Hm i can’t decide if I should get the Yocan hit or wait the Yocan vane- (it’s not out yet but it looks like it will have a higher capacity)

Do you get through with just one bowl, or do you have to load up more? Great video keep up the 🔥

Porvenir Lopez says:

Hello which one do you prefer, yocan hit vs yocan ishred ? regards !

Cre8tiveGarage says:

your 342 subscriber here

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