Yocan Regen Advanced Concentrate Vaporizer Official Review – Yocan Vaporizer

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Jimdish2555 says:

Thanks was very helpful 😇

omar duarte says:

Discount code is not working, any suggestions?

N Rustica says:

that ain't a dab at 3:57 more like a gob, let go my rego

GottaMinute says:

Thanks, saved $19.00 on my order using your hazy15 code 🙂

MrCarter'sRods says:

I may be wrong, but is it pronounced "Re-Gen", or "Reggin" (the way you said it in video).

MrCarter'sRods says:

So now that time has passed, what do you think?

Look Up says:

Can you use ceramic heating cup instead of coils? Thank you for your reply

starxxlight343614 says:

Y does your regen look bigger and your coils don't say regen like mine

killerdemo says:

Very informative and in-depth, And she's a looker that blazes. Love it

matt v says:

Lemme get a free regen 😫

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